Monday, August 3, 2015


They say that San Francisco is the most liberal city in the USA. Having worked there I agree 100%. Now Obama has come out with his new carbon emissions standards and those folks are going ga ga. They think global warming is the US top issue too. Go hug a frickin tree. Here is San Francisco they steal the water of the rest of Northern California. They take electricity from the rest of the state and they think they are doing the world a favor. I don't see wind farms or much solar energy in San Francisco. Maybe the rest of CA should cut off their water and power and see how they survive. They can take and distill ocean water, they have lots of that. Then if they can't generate enough eco friendly power they can sit in the dark. The 49 square miles sucks from the rest of CA and they think they are the chosen one's. San Francisco is a nice city to visit but you don't want to live there unless you are far left liberal. Plus you better have lots of money for housing, taxes etc. Maybe they can live off the land in Golden Gate Park.

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