Thursday, August 6, 2015


I see different groups are holding events to give school kids backpacks, school supplies and other items to start school with for free. Then you hear that the schools are providing breakfast and lunch for kids for free for the year. In some areas in the summer school cafeterias provide kids with free meals.

When are parents going to take the responsibility for their own children. If you can't afford to feed them or house them why are you producing them? There are women on welfare who have child after child and they are given more money as a result. The baby daddys are not supporting the moms or kids. So society and the taxpayers have to pay more because they chose to have more kids they can't afford.

Maybe the rules should be if you have more kids you will not get an increase in welfare. If you have children then the father is going to have to provide some support. The taxpayers are tired of paying out billions in welfare, housing subsidies, food stamps and healthcare for people who won't get off their butts and get a job. Yes there are people who receive welfare who physically cannot work. I am not talking about them. The states have the ability to tell welfare recipients that they have to do work to receive benefits. Most states don't hold peoples feet to the fire and make them work for their benefits. I don't care if it is raking leaves in the park, picking up litter on the side of the road or cleaning schools. These benefits should not come without the recipients doing something in return.

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