Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Yes the old KGB Russian Fox Putin pulled one over on Obama. They talked at the United Nations several times and nothing was mentioned about Russian military going into Syria. Then a day or so later the Russian military is moving in troops and combat aircraft. They were supposedly going to fight ISIS. But they have also been bombing the Syrian rebels we trained, equipped and support. Of course these rebels want Assad out as President of Syria. Russia wants Assad to stay so they have teamed with Iran to ensure that happens. None of this would have happened if Obama had kept troops in Iraq or if the red line he drew in the sand meant something. Obama has no credibility with any nation. How can allies rely on you when you don't honor your commitments and just can't be trusted. At times I wonder why the U.S. military have not taken control of Obama. Many of his acts border on treason or incompetence. I guess there has only been one other time I heard that the military was ready to take control of a President and that was during the Watergate days of Richard Nixon.

Obama is just clueless. To supposedly be an intelligent man he has no common sense. He is destroying the American way of life faster than any terror groups could. He is completely going against the majority of the American people. The sooner he is out of office the better for America.

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