Tuesday, October 27, 2015


It seems like every time you check a newspaper or watch TV another Saudi Arabian royal is behaving badly and many times criminally. The problem is they get off with diplomatic immunity. Why should we allow hundreds of Saudis to have diplomatic immunity when they are not diplomats. Just rich people acting badly.

Just yesterday a Saudi Prince was arrested with 2 tons of drugs in his private plane. Wait I thought drugs and alcohol were banned in Saudi Arabia and the consequences could be death. Oh wait that is for normal people the royals can do what they want. That is why they go to Britain and the United States to drink, dance, do drugs and chase women.

It is not just the men. Priness Meshael Alayhan was arrested for abusing and imprisoning her Kenyan house keeper.

Prince Majed Abduaziz Al Saud was arrested in Los Angeles for forced oral copulation on an adult.

In Los Angeles recently a maid escaped over an 8 ft wall after being molested.

You probably heard of the Ferrari roaring thru Beverly Hills disregarding traffic signs, speeding etc. Sheik Khalid bin Hamad al Thane of Qatar was the owner and alledged driver of the Ferrari.

Prince Nayef bin Farway Al Shaloam was arrested in 2004 in drug dealing

2010 Prince Saud bin Nasir al Saiud was arrested in London for beating his man servant and gay lover.

So what do these folks have in common? In most cases nothing happened to them in criminal court. They claim diplomatic immunity and go home like nothing is wrong. I guess the Saudi royals just look the other way too. They are spoiled little brats with all their money and countries let them get away with it. Maybe we should keep these people out of the country. I know they bring in lots of money. Who cares? Bann them from this country.

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