Tuesday, February 9, 2016


So Democratic voters you have a choice between a socialist and an incompetent liar. What is socialism? By Webster definition A social system in which the producer possess both political power and the means  of producing and distributing goods.  It is also the theory and practice of those who support a socialist system. In Marxism-Leninist theory, the building, under the dictatorship of the proletariat of the material base of communism. So socialism is communism. Now would you vote for Bernie if he told you he was a communist? Probably not. So he tells you instead that he is socialist which is just another word for communism.

By Webster definition a liar is one who tells lies. Hey that fits Hillary Clinton to the tee. An incompetent liar can't even lie well which again describes Hillary.

So there are your choices Democrats. Might put you between a rock and a hard spot. Yes I know the younger voters are listening to Bernie say that college should be free. Just like Democrats think that food, housing, cell phones and healthcare should be free. So who is going to pay for all this free stuff. Probably the 50% of the country who is working to pay for free stuff now. The 50% that have jobs and are trying to work for a living. They are not living in mommies basement. They are not playing video games rather than trying to find a job. They are not having more babies because they know they will get more welfare money for every mouth in the house. They are people who have got off their butts and done something with their lives. If you want all this free stuff for nothing you are a LOSER. So go get a tat of an L on your forehead.

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