Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Yes if you vote for Hillary you might put this country and yourself thru Hell. Hillary wants to be Obama's third term. How does that work out for you? Obama's two terms have almost destroyed the American way of life. He is the weakest President this country has ever had. The way he acts he came into office to destroy the American way of life. Are you going to let him? If you vote for Hillary you are pushing American more into the hole. You want to elect a woman there are plenty out there that would do a much better job. She only hung onto poor old Bill so that she could use him to get to the Presidency. They must have made a pact long ago that they would support each other in this effort. She has been involved with so much scandal her whole life. But the Teflon couple has skated out of it. Maybe the email scandal will do her in. Let's hope so.

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