Thursday, October 15, 2015


So what is the Freedom from Religion Foundation. It is a non profit founded in 1978 and their apparent deal is as atheist they try to attack religion around the country. They see things that are religious or they perceive it to be and they bully and or file suit against the people / government etc. They supposedly have 22,500 members in various states. Their address is P.O. Box 750, Madison, Wisconsin 53201 and phone608 256 8900. They have a building in Madison but haven't found the address yet but will let you know when I do. Street address is 10 N. Henry St. Madison WI 53703.

In the spirit of the season send them a Christmas card.

Some examples"

- Filed suit against the State of Wisconsin for having Good Friday as a state holiday.
- 2011 filed suit against Warren, Michigan to remove a nativity scene
- Filed suit to remove a Ten Commandments display that had been around for years
- Wanted to remove a cross from a World War I Memorial
- Tried to remove a Latin Cross from the water tower in Whiteville TN
- A restaurant in Columbia PA gave a 10% discount to customers who presented a church bulletin
- They fight against prayer in school, by teams, City Council meetings etc.

Right now in Wilmore Kentucky there is a lighted cross atop a water tower. The water tower is on the property of Asbury University a religious school. The water tower belonged to the college for years but was turned over to the City of Wilmore. The Freedom From Religion Group wants the cross removed. Citizens are fighting it.

So who are the atheist that run this despicable organization.
Dan Baker, Salary $88,500
Annie Laurie Gaylor $86,500
Anne Nicol Gaylor - she is dead but still on their website. I wonder what her salary is?

Senior Staff Attorney Rebecca Markert
Staff Attorney Patrick Elliott, Andrew Seidel, Elizabeth Cavell, Sam Grover
Legal Publicist Maddy Ziegler
  Dan Baker and Annie Laurie Gaylor
Are they married, friends or what. A little close in the photo

They really like to bully people, towns, schools etc. Many places don't have the money to fight them in court so they win.

If atheist don't want to be involved with religion great. But don't butt into other peoples choice and desire to be involved with religion. This country was founded on Christian beliefs. Maybe Christians should start frivolous lawsuits against your organization which maybe should have it's 401C 3 status removed. That might be a good suit.

My suggestion is that the organization BUTT OUT OF AMERICAN LIVES.

This is what the creeps look like. See them around Madison - Say HI and anything else you would like to say to them.

Rebecca Markert

                                                                Patrick Elliott
Sam Grover
                                                                     Maddy Ziegler
Maddy this is a better photo from FB

Most of them are on FB so send them a message or comment.

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