Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Apparently Dr Phil and his wife Robin are running some kind of contest on his show. The big whoop de doo is you get to walk a day in her shoes. Who cares? She sits in the audience every day and walks out with Dr Phil. Probably so that her clothes are a tax write off. She said you will make history being the first person besides them to take their signature walk off. What is signature about a walk off? Is she going to copyright it? Nepotism is the word for this family. They sell books, Doctor on Demand apps, talk up their sons careers. Robin gets her two cents in every time you look around. It isn't the Dr. Phil and Robin show but you would think so. Robin sells her cosmetics like she is on QVC.  Have you seen the before and after shots of her face? It isn't cosmetics making her look like she does. Oprah you made a big mistake putting him on your network.

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