Monday, October 12, 2015


Obama was in San Francisco at a fund raiser with Kanye West. I guess Kanye wanted to see how to fundraise for his Presidential Run in 2020. I guess they were like two guys in a comedy routine. Once Obama called Kanye a jackass when he went on stage while Taylor Swift was getting an award to promote Beyoncé. Well now we know both of them are jackasses.

Obama claimed he was going to Oregon because of the Umqua Community College shooting. When he got there he found out there were lots of protestors against him. This after he had done a fund raiser in Washington State and then on to San Francisco for another fundraiser. To finish off his West Coast trip he did another fund raiser in Los Angeles. Admit it Obama the Oregon stop was an after thought and a reason to fly Air Force One to the West Coast to fundraise.

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